Everyone has their own way of breaking up with people, but I must say my brother mastered this art. You see he didn't want a break up to ruin his plans for the day, so whenever he intended to break up with a girl he would ask if I wanted to hang out. It didn't take long, of course for his girlfriend to ask why I had come with him on their date. The worst part of his fool-prof break up move, was that most of the time the girl was excited to meet a family member and thought it was a sign that he really liked them only to later learn they were breaking up he just didn't like eating alone. His trick became easier for him as he started leaving halfway through the day for me too deliver the blow that he was dumping them. This was a rather easy task for me as most of the time I didn't know or really like them. It wasn't till he set his break up date with a girl I had actually liked that it became a problem. He had given me too much control and that time I didn't deal the relationship death blow. I simply told her that he had intended this to be a break up date and that's why I was here, but I like you so if you don't mind that so much, you can keep dating for at least two weeks and see if he changes his mind. The relationship lasted two more months and several attempted break up dates before he was willing to break it off himself.

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